Monday, April 14, 2014


Our house is SOLD! It went under contract about 10 days ago but I didn't want to post anything until after the inspection and option period were up. It sold in about 2 days - we had 7 showings and 2 offers. Crazy! Everything is good so far...we should have the appraisal this week and hopefully close mid-May. We pushed the closing back a little so I can finish school and maintain what's left of my sanity! :) 

So I am packing and just tying up a few loose ends for school. I finished my residency, and hopefully I will get hired on the floor I was on. We'll see! I have lots of meetings between now and graduation since I am helping to plan our pinning ceremony. I can't wait! :) 

Meanwhile, we went to see our friends house to pick up some boxes, and after touring her house Terry has decided he wants to build in Florida. So we are just all kinds of  mixed up! We are looking kind of seriously at one builder who does custom work but also has plans to choose from if that makes any sense. We'll see - I can't worry about any of that until this house is sold. It is kind of exciting to think about though!

And my sweet girl is loving changing her clothes all day every day. I just make her put them back in her drawers and am trying very hard not to let it bug me that they're not folded and put away. This is the kind of fashion statement she is making...I'm pretty sure it was around 90degrees this day!

 We've been enjoying the nicer weather and trying to soak up as much time in our yard as possible. Have I mentioned we'll be moving into an 800 square foot townhouse with just a small patio? Don't think we'll be hanging around the house a whole lot! Look at those fingernails!

Finally, I guess there's a first time for everything...I got my eyeliner tattooed in March. Pretty much all the girls at church have done it, and I am a sucker for peer pressure. Not really...I just thought it looked so good on them so I decided to do it.  I think this was about a week later. I can't take a selfie to save my life - I always look cross eyed. I like it ok but I am not sure I would do it again. It's darker than I wanted but I am getting used to it. Terry has been calling me Ozzy Osbourne! 

Other than packing and getting ready to move, we are trying to slow down a little around here! Easter is almost here and I can't wait!!!

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