Friday, April 25, 2014


Life with a 3 year old (plus 4 months) is interesting. I don't want to say she is "hard" but some days, she is impossible. For example, she will say all the way to the car that she wants to buckle by herself, and then gets in her seat, bursts into tears and demands that "Mommy do it". It is like a battle of the wills but guerrilla warfare style. You never know when or where it will come from. 

But dang she is so funny! She sings at the TOP of her lungs, jumps on her bed, tells me stories, and wants to be just like me from what I am wearing to exercising with me. She prays for everyone she knows, even cartoon characters, and always asks Jesus to help her be a good girl. I love her sweet little heart, and how much she loves life. My sweet, stubborn girl! 

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  1. NOT SWEET Madeline!! She's a cutie with really cute shoes!!