Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am totally ranting in this post so get ready or you may want to skip this post! Remember my Super Bowl Sunday post about taking Madeline to the ER? Well, I am not completely over dramatic when it comes to taking her to the doctor. I don't just take her to the ER -- I was genuinely concerned about her that night and the PA who saw her in the ER made me feel so dumb for taking her in. She listened to her back twice and her chest once and told me give her two weeks and she'd be fine. So today Terry took Madeline for her one year appointment (I know I am SO late doing that but oh well) and her pediatrician told him she has a lung infection. So we are on the lookout for pneumonia and hoping that the antibiotics work quickly. I am so upset that I didn't take her back sooner to another doctor or the other ER in town. I knew she wasn't right and I should've followed my gut. I guess the important thing is she did get an antibiotic and a correct diagnosis before it got too bad. Ok - I'm done now. But these young doctors/medical professionals need to stop being so dang afraid to give babies/kids antibiotics. Ok - I'm really done now. 

Happy day closer to Friday! :) 

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  1. The antibotic will help a ton!! I would be mad too. You are totally justified!!