Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Well, I love Valentine's Day...I am one of those obnoxious people that the haters hate on! I just think it is fun...and I do see where some people can justify calling it a Hallmark holiday but I think you can turn any holiday into a Hallmark corporate holiday. I just think Valentine's Day is fun and cute. I hate chocolates but love everything else about it. Our church had their annual Valentine's Banquet Saturday night but due to the timing of Terry's flight there was no way we could make it. So I had a little Valentine's party when he came home complete with a Mexican fiesta meal and Valentine cupcakes. I decorated the house a little and think it looks so cute!

We planned a double date for tonight. This is a big deal seeing as how I think we have been out a total of three times since Madeline was born. But we had a sweet girl from church come to our house to watch Madeline and Stephanie and Adam's kids. It worked out well because Madeline is already so comfortable with their girls so I felt ok about leaving her. The plan was to go to dinner tonight and then to see "The Vow" but the movie sold out so we had to improvise. ( You can imagine Terry and Adam's disappointment) We went out to dinner at Sealy Flats downtown. Quick restaurant review :
1. Food - just ok - but thankfully not super expensive
2. Service -- the worst I've had since living here. It was pretty bad.
3. Atmosphere -- Awesome. I loved it - Blues music, outside seating...lovely!

Then we stopped for gas and headed out muddin'. We went to Twin Buttes and it was so sad to see how much land used to be covered in water and it's now dry. It's crazy. But we had so much fun...I felt young again. I feel really old making that statement! On our way out we passed a police car but thankfully managed to avoid any trouble with the law! I would post a few pictures but my memory card is busted...literally. I have to get a new one because blogging stinks with no pictures! Anyway, we had such a fun date and decided we really need to make it  a priority. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. Sounds like y'all had fun!! Still wish we could of had a "Valentine Party" for the kids. We'll plan for next year. Nobody move away!! :)