Friday, August 31, 2012


My parents were able to get us into Disney for free so we decided to take Madeline. It's another one of those things that I swore I would never do - you know take a 1 and a half year old to Disney - but alas I am full of parenting hypocrisies! We had a pretty good time - although I did pay $31 for a stroller rental that she refused to sit in. I think it was a little overwhelming for her but she really had fun! 

On the bus to Magic Kingdom

My niece, Baleigh, on the ferry ride  

Terry was obsessed with this man and his capri pants - we have several pictures of him!

Madeline on the ferry - she was SO excited on the ferry! 

The ferry 

Can you tell when Terry had the camera??? This person was not a member of our party...

At the entrance to Magic Kingdom

My sister and Madeline outside the shop where Terry bought a $15 rice krispy treat - it was  a huge Mickey Mouse head. You know Terry, always a sucker for anything with sugar! That was his souvenir! 

As soon as we got there, they started the parade and we had an awesome spot to watch it. Madeline was mesmerized by it! It really was my favorite moment of the day! 

We went to a Monsters Inc show where they use members of the audience to be parts from the movie. Madeline was chosen as Boo, the little girl from the movie. It was SO cute! Later in the day, people would say "hey, look its Boo!" when they saw us! haha

Madeline and Terry with Buzz! 

Terry was pretty intense on the Buzz Lightyear ride! 

I just thought this picture was neat - it was taken on the Buzz ride. 

Madeline's face looked like this most of the day! 

The only characters we got up close and personal with were Chip and Dale.  It was just too crowded and the lines were too long to wait to see the others. Madeline really loved Chip and Dale and didn't want to leave them. BTW, did you know Chip's name is Chip because his nose is a chocolate chip? You're welcome for that useless info! 

And then this happened. The bottom fell out of the sky and we had to wait in a restaurant with the other billion people trying to get out of the lightning. It was no fun! 

After the lightning stopped, we rode the teacups. It was still raining so we were soaked but it did cool us all off.  The above pic is right before the ride lady told me to put Madeline down so I never did get a picture of her in the teacup because she was too short to see over the cup! 

Madeline and Terry on Dumbo. Madeline wasn't the slightest bit scared on anything we did.  She had so much fun! 

We rode It's A Small World last I think. It's my favorite ride and Madeline loved it so much! I think it is so cute! 

The Magic Kingdom

We headed home around 5 or so. I think when Madeline is older we'll go and stay for the night parade and fireworks but it just wasn't worth it at this age. She fell asleep sitting up on my hip and we were just all ready to go.  We had done pretty much everything for her age anyway. Not everything about it is magical but we had so much fun! I think next time, and for sure if we were paying, we would try to go when it is cooler and when school is in so it would be less crowded. It's always crowded but it was crazy the day we went. We had a good time though and its something we'll always remember! I think we'll wait until she's three before we go back....or until someone suggests it and I can't say no! 

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