Thursday, August 23, 2012


The following posts are mostly for my memory so if you can hang with the boredom, be my guest! :) 

The trip to get to Orlando was a small adventure but after a small puking incident and one pee incident, we made it safe and sound. I should have packed more clothes for Terry...just kidding. It was all Madeline. But she did have no pants on when we landed - just her diaper and her shirt which is so ironic considering I put a lot of thought into the outfit she wore that day even though my parents really couldn't care less what she wears. Anyway, we went straight to my parents house, ate dinner, and crashed. 

Thursday we went to mall so Madeline could ride the carousel and Terry and I could shoe shop. I needed white tennis shoes for nursing school and let me tell you it is no easy feat to find white tennis shoes that look like they are made for someone under 75. Terry just needed new shoes and luckily we both found ones we liked for a steal! Madeline LOVED the carousel and can now spot a horse from a mile away! 

My dad had to be the one to take Madeline on the carousel. Instant hero.  

My niece flying the helicopter

The above picture reminds me of a verse in the Bible, " Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not turn from it. " Proverbs 22:6
Just kidding but I really was kinda proud - she got the new shoes off the shelf, took hers off, and proceeded to try the new ones on. Genius!

Riding the horse! 

My niece got this crown and these awesome extensions at the mall. In some ways I am looking forward to Madeline getting older but I am not sure if neon extensions is one of them! 

The guys went bowling that night so the girls ate at one of my fav restaurants - its kind of a dumpy bbq place but I really love their food! Terry hates it so it worked out perfectly. Madeline was so bad in there - she had ranch and powdered sugar all over her by the time we left but she sure looks sweet in this picture! 

My mom got Madeline this Minnie Mouse and Madeline was in love. She carried it around all week and everywhere we go now, she can spot "mouse". She is also recently obsessed with Elmo... I am guessing from her books because I don't think she has ever even seen Sesame Street. It is crazy but in the last week she asks for Elmo ALL THE TIME! You can imagine the excitement over this giant Elmo. I can't count how many times she fell trying to carry him everywhere. 

We went to bed semi-early to get ready for Disney World on Friday!!! 

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