Monday, August 6, 2012

Mundane Monday

Today's post brought to you by the letter B...

Back to School... I spent most of today getting ready for school to start in the fall. I picked up my scrubs, lab coat, and other medical supplies I'll need. I still have to get notebooks and pencils but other than that I am pretty much ready. I did have to get 5 - that right FIVE shots today for school!!! Don't let the picture below scare you but I am about to be a legit nursing student! haha I am so excited!!!

Bald...I feel like a lot of times when my hair is up in pictures, it makes me look bald?! 

Backpack...I LOVE Madeline's backpack. My sister got it for her for our trip and it is SO cute! I had to get her name put on it! 

Busted...I totally busted Madeline stealing my study supplies and using them to decorate the furniture!!! 

Boring...this post is so boring but we really don't have much going on. I have 3 - count them - one, two, THREE days of school left for the summer! I am so pumped!!! 

Happy Monday!!! 

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