Thursday, October 30, 2014


Well, we haven't been here even a month, and already made a trip to urgent care. I had to go into work yesterday for a few things and when I picked Madeline up her ankle was swollen. I didn't think too much of it, but then the top of her other foot started swelling. I went to the store to get her some benadryl and by the time I got back her knees and elbows were swollen and she had what looked like bite marks everywhere. I got scared because it was moving up her body, and she wouldn't walk her ankles were so puffy.  I worried about her breathing if it was an allergic reaction to something that bit her so we loaded up and went to urgent care. 

The dr said it was a combo of hives and angioedema or basically swelling on the inside and outside. Thankfully, she her throat and mouth never got swollen. So she got a hefty dose of benadryl, and will be on another allergy medication for 2 weeks. THe dr said there's no way to know what caused it - could be anything from a virus to a bug bite. Madeline cried off and on in her sleep - I am guessing from discomfort. The swelling is a little better but the hives look worse today. She does act like she feels better today though, and she is walking again. My poor girl! 

Go figure she wanted to hold Roger the cat when we got home!