Monday, October 27, 2014


I am really missing my Twayne today. Poor guy is in the apartment with everything gone except his air mattress and a TV. We are so ready to be together again!
I have been going through some old pictures at my parent's house and laughing hysterically. Terry and I have been together HALF my life and it's so fun to see how much we've changed!
He used to leave me notes and surprises on my car before school when I was in high school! haha It says, "Melissa sure does get in a lot of wrecks", and I am saying "Man, he's good looking."  No wonder I married him! And yes, I had a small stint in life from about age 17-19 where I did get in a lot of wrecks!
Twayne - long time supporter of Hobby Lobby! And  he was ALWAYS hurt when we were dating, usually from basketball.
Prom 2001

We had our pictures made at Walmart for our one year anniversary! hahaha

Lookin' so handsome at our wedding!

And this was last week. I miss my love!!!



  1. OH.MY!!! Ha!! These are hilarious!! I was just thinking about Terry yesterday, and couldn't remember when he was leaving here!! Missing you guys!!