Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Here is the transformation of the house over the last week. I've been so impressed with how much they've done since I got here but our builder assured me yesterday that the "visible" progress is about to really slow down. I got a little sad when he told me the house more than likely won't be done by December but I kinda already knew that. 

Madeline and I were fascinated by the crane...ok so maybe Madeline was asleep in the car and I was fascinated. 

Stairs to the bonus room over the garage. 

This was Monday...the windows came in and should be in by today. 

This is the roof's like a grayish-tannish mix. I had a hard time with this for some reason. Roofs seem to stain here for some reason so I knew I didn't want a really light color but I knew I didn't want black either. There are SO many choices for every little thing.  I picked out some brick that I like, and the rep is supposed to put it all together with the trim and stucco so we can make a final decision on that this week. It's getting there...slowly but surely! 

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  1. It's going to be so pretty!!! Stairs!! How fun!! And I didn't know y'all were going to have the extra room up there!!