Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

13 Random Things...

1. Madeline is repeating everything now - even if she isn't close to what you say, she still tries. She says "Nana" and "Papaw" for my parents when they're on the phone. I am pretty sure though that she thinks this is the "Nana" she is talking to! 

2. I have been trying to stop drinking soda unless we are out to eat. I get free soda at work and I just thought rather than make a bad habit worse, I better just cut it out altogether. So now I am addicted to this stuff which is probably not much better! 

3. I wish my house looked like no one lived in it. I always hear people say that they want their house to be clean but homey. I really don't. I want my house to look like those houses in magazines. I would need a lot more MiO to keep it like that though! haha

4. I think I am terrible at my job but I make people laugh. I just lack a little coordination! And when people insult me, I try to laugh it off but I really want to punch them in the face. It's only happened twice but if you read this - please be nice to your server when you go out to eat!!!

5. Zoe ran away on the 4th of July and we looked and looked but couldn't find her. I thought we had gotten rid of her but then the city called and they had her. So Terry had to bail her out of jail Monday. 

6. The closer August gets, the more nervous I am about school. I asked Terry how he felt about me just dropping out and working at a restaurant forever - you don't want to see the look he gave me! :) I am just nervous about actually doing the things I am learning like IV's, shots, catheters, etc. Yikes!

7. I am SO excited about football season!!!! It kinda makes up for the nerves about school starting! 

8. Terry and I decided we need to start seeing more of Texas while we are here. Any suggestions? We just haven't done much outside of town with Madeline but I think we're going to start venturing out a little more now that she is older! 

9. I have got to get on a better schedule. I have been staying up until 1 to 2am and getting up between 8:30 and 9am. It's like I think I am a teenager again and can do that! I guess summer does that to everyone a little. 

10. Speaking of summer...I find summer here more depressing than the end of winter in Maryland. I just think the excessive heat and lack of rain is depressing. I might feel differently if I could lounge in a pool all day every day...

11. I started looking at Halloween costumes and can't find anything I am in love with. I think the family ones are cute but nothing has really wowed me yet. 

12. I really don't like Bishop dresses. I get that they are sweet and that smocking takes a lot of time but I think they are too expensive and there is no shape to them. Madeline had one for Christmas last year that I got on sale but I just didn't love anything about it. 

I guess I am more of a mudpie person. I also like to think that I could get 5 outfits from Old Navy or Gap for the same price. Okay, maybe Gap sale but still.

13.  Terry took us to Stillwater Grill Thursday night. It was so good and it was awesome for Madeline because she could get down and run around. If you're local and you've never been - it's worth trying! 

Happy Friday the 13th!!! 

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