Monday, July 30, 2012

Zoo Fun

I had to close last night and got home around midnight. By the time I got in bed and fell asleep, it was close to 3. I hit snooze on my alarm at 9, or so I thought, but I must have turned it off because next thing I knew it was 9:45...too late to make it to church. Madeline and Terry were both still snoozing. We decided to make the best of it and get out of the house. We had free passes to the zoo so we headed to Abilene. It only gets more fun every time we go. Madeline had a blast even though it was super hot.

She really loved feeding the giraffe. She got right near his face and said, "Hi!" just like she does to Gizmo. It was so cute! 

Telling him, "Hi!"

We love this guy...he reminds us of Pasquale from Tangled!

We love the zoo! We had such a fun day. We went to Old Navy after the zoo and did a little shopping. Madeline was completely perplexed by the mannequins. I think its the first time she has ever noticed people in the store that don't move. She got really close to one her size and then looked at the one next to it which didn't have a head and ran back to me. It was probably the funniest part of my day! Love that girl! 

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