Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet July

When I think about July my mind is flooded with memories as if a slideshow is playing in my head. It is a bittersweet month for us, although the sweet outweighs the bitter by far. 

July 2000, I was an ambitious hard working 16 year old and you were a funny, albeit slightly obnoxious 18 year old who filled my car with pogs and asked me out on a date. You left one pog out on the note where you "suggested" we go on a date, and it had a light bulb on it with the words, "I luv you watts and watts". Little did you know!!! 

July 2008...bitter. You left for combat training and then Iraq. I was so sad and still choke up thinking about sending you off at the airport. But my heart swells with pride that I can't put into words when I think about what you did for our country. 

The night before you left...

One of the best days of my life...when you came home!!! The t-shirts really put it over the top! :)

July 2006, we went to your ALS banquet...

July 2012 You are Instructor of the Quarter! You have come so far! 

July 2009 was probably the most bitter for me. Our sweet baby met Jesus before you and I got to meet him or her. You really were my rock. I wasn't sure I could recover from the heartbreak of all the babies we lost. You were sure that we would. 

July 2010 the unwavering faith you had that we would have a baby was seen to fruition. We found out our sweet miracle baby was a girl. You were over the moon! 

July 2011 was filled with birthday parties, baby proofing, lowering cribs, and just trying to remain sane! What we would probably would have described as one of the most challenging times, I am sure will be remembered as one of the sweetest.  

The July's in between are filled with love, fighting, tears, joy and more memories than can be recorded in a single blog post.

Which leads us to the best July. July 19, 2003. A 19 year old girl who just wanted to lay her head down beside the love of her life every night got her wish. A girl dreamed of spending her life with the boy she met in July 2000 who unknowingly foreshadowed to love her watts and watts. And you have. At the end of the day, no matter how perfect or disastrous, the one thing I know is that you love me more than anything on earth. If I don't show it all the time, I hope you know that I know how blessed I am to be able to say that. Nine years ago I made the hardest, best promise I ever have. I love you til death do us part. Happy Anniversary, Terry! 

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  1. I have tears in my eyes!! Love the pictures; so thankful for the sacrifice you both made for our country!!