Sunday, December 2, 2012

23 Months...And a few days!

My Sweet Girl, 

 You are growing way too fast and are so independent! You weigh 25lbs, wear size 4 diaper, size 6-7 shoe, and size 24 months - 2T clothing. Pretty sure this is my last month of counting your age in months!!! Oh the depression is setting in!!!

You celebrated your 2nd Halloween. You had 3 costumes - one from Nana, one we bought you - that you refused to wear - and this genie which was a hand-me-down from Baleigh. You were SO stinking cute in both costumes you wore! You didn't quite understand trick-or-treating and were very suspicious about people just giving you candy! It was awesome to watch! We let you have candy when we got home and then your bucket mysteriously disappeared - you can ask your Dad about that!!! 

Here you are with Mrs. Karen from church. You LOVE her son, Hunter. You talk about him all the time and it cracks me up. You have started calling people by their names and talk about them at home now. You play pretend with them and it cracks me up, especially when they get in trouble with you! 

You are so grown up! You are talking in sentences and have figured out if you say, "Mommy, Look!" while we are in the car that I will look at you. Recently you will say, "Mommy, look! Elephant!" and point out the window. Sometimes you say cow or deer too. It always makes me laugh even though you do it about 10 times a day now. We have started talking to you about being honest! hah

Your personality is pretty much the same. You are goofy and love anything outside! You loved the pumpkin patch and when we go to the park, I have to make you leave. You usually don't get too upset as long as I warn you first that we have to leave soon. Although sometimes, you do the limp body thing and it drives me insane. We have been working hard core on correcting that behavior!!

You love to read still. It's by far your favorite thing to do. Now you will take your books and "read" them to me and say "the end"! I love it! You also love blocks, puzzles, and you really love to color. On anything, with anything. You have gotten so much better about only coloring on paper. You also love baby dolls and will cover them with a blanket and put them night-night. You know most of your colors, shapes, and the alphabet. You struggle with numbers just like your momma but can count to 3! 

Recently started climbing again. Yesterday you climbed into the bathroom sink. Hopefully, it's a phase that won't last long! You are into everything all the time. You will help clean up if I ask you to and help. You are still obsessed with animals. We took you to Petsmart the other night and I am pretty sure you liked it way more than you liked Disney World. 

Your eating habits are about the same. You will eat raw spinach just like you'll eat mac and cheese. Although you have a new found love for rice. You will tear some rice up - white rice, brown rice, spanish rice, fried rice - you love it all! You would drink a gallon of milk a day if I let you but I have to cut you off! You went through a phase where I was having a hard time getting you to drink water but seem to be over that now. Occasionally, you get juice. You are still an awesome sleeper and rarely wake up during the night. If you do, you will almost always go back to sleep on your own. You still take one long nap each day. 

I really need to potty train you. You know when you're wet or poopy and have started taking your pants and diapers off. I am trying to wait a few more weeks until school gets out so I can devote all my time to it during the day. In some ways I am dreading it, but I don't think I'll miss buying diapers! 

Lately, you will give me any kind of kiss. Regular kiss, eskimo kiss, butterfly kiss, or fishy kiss and I LOVE It!! You will come up to me for a kiss and then run to Daddy and ask him to throw you across  the couch! I think its so funny to watch our relationships with you change as you get older! I can already tell Daddy is the fun parent, and I am the paranoid one!

You are changing so much! You are so independent now and are always on the go! We have had to really implement some discipline with you. You are stubborn, and there was a day recently where you and I were both in tears over your behavior. It's true that whole, it hurts your parents to have to discipline you way more than it hurts to get disciplined. You really are so good though and most of the time easily redirected. You are super smart and so stinkin funny! You bring so much joy to Daddy and me! Whether it's chasing you around or laying down watching a movie with you, you are so much fun to be around!  I love you with all my heart! 



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