Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Party...#1

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! We went to Terry's work Christmas party Saturday night. It was so nice - they had childcare on site for free so it was the perfect set up for a night out. Terry was randomly selected for a game (he had a sticker under his chair), and it was hilarious. It had four elimination rounds. The first they had to get a gingerbread man from their forehead into their mouth without dropping it. Then they had to fan an ornament across the dance floor with a box lid. The third round there were four guys left and they had to put vaseline on their noses, then put a string with a rudolph nose on the end in their mouth and get it to stay on their nose. It was so funny! 

Terry was the first to get the rudolph nose to stick on his nose. He and one other guy were in the last round. In the last round, they tied a ribbon with a kleenex box onto Terry's back. It was full of jingle bells and he had to empty the box while on all fours with the box on his back. I was screaming and yelling for him and told him to do a handstand to get them all out and HE WON! It was so exciting - we're both a little competitive so it was so fun to see him win! He won an autographed copy of P90X and the book that the guy wrote about it. It's still in the box - I am not a work out in your living room kinda person and Terry is a work out when the Air Force makes him kind of person so I'm not sure what we'll do with it! 

We had SO much fun, and I think that's the second time we've been out together all year without Madeline. I mean she was down the hall but still. It was so great!

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