Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Will Be Worth It...

I have repeated that phrase to myself about 167,000 times this semester. It's such a crappy feeling when you feel pulled in so many different directions all the time and never really feel like you're giving 100% in any area because you really can't. I hate that feeling! 

But...I take my last final tomorrow and the worst one is behind me (along with 4 others). I have never had to try as hard as I have this semester with Pharmacology. I literally studied ALL day Sunday until 3am and Monday night from about 7 to 4am Tuesday. It paid off but I am exhausted!

Here's the scene from the library - there is some serious caffeine on that table - there were only 3 of us! 

Thankfully, I have the cutest study buddy ever!!!

Who also does dishes!!! 

She randomly decided to start climbing again - mostly in the kitchen sink! It is frustrating but I have to say I'm a little impressed with her skills! 

Try to ignore the beheaded shepherd boy in the window - he lost his head in her purse when she decided to carry him around one day. We also lost a wiseman. The rest of our nativity has been in the window ever since! 

We can't wait for Christmas break!!! 

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