Thursday, December 6, 2012

Motherhood Kills Braincells

I have never been the most organized person - definitely not type A but not a horrific mess either. I am not sure if its finals, motherhood, or my ADD but I am losing my mind. In the past week I have done the following: 

*Lost my spare set of keys with the remote so now I am using the valet key to my car - I lost the first set about 2 months ago. 

*Realized today that I missed Bunco on Tuesday that I was planning to attend

*Went to Target today for milk, thank you cards, and mousse and came home without milk, thank you cards, or mousse 

*Left my trunk open for so long that my neighbor had to come tell me it was open still 

*Took the garbage out and left Polly in the alley behind our house - I mean kinda her fault, kinda mine 

BUT you'll be happy to know that about 90% of my party planning/decorating stuff for Madeline's birthday is done, her presents for Christmas and birthday are done, and I am rocking all A's on my finals so far. Don't ask what our house looks like! hah Say a little prayer that I don't forget Madeline anywhere! 

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