Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pups and Plastic Sugery

Gizmo looked especially cute yesterday. His ear was kind sticking out to the side, and I thought it was adorable. Well, it was until and I picked him up and noticed his ear was humongous. So like any good person, I got Terry's opinion first, then got online to see if I could diagnose him. Honestly, it scared me a little because it was like this huge balloon under his skin, and I had no idea what it could be. It didn't take long to discover it was an aural hematoma. Basically, he shook his head too much or too hard, busted some capillaries, and there is blood pooling under his skin. Well, the vet's answer to the problem is put him under and operate. Ummm...he is 10 1/2 years old - can we say dangerous? So I called around and got 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions -- all said surgery. Well, my online research *cough,cough* showed that you could operate or let the body reabsorb the blood over time. I really wasn't sure what to do.

So I called my Dad - I mean he's a pastor so I basically call him for advice on everything. haha Well, he gives me the number to a friend who he said could pretty much be a vet. She says its not a big deal that I could lance it at home or just let it go away. I ended up taking him to the vet anyway because I wanted to be sure he didn't have an ear infection, and he does so I'm glad I did. But they hard core pushed for surgery. I finally had to ask to talk to the actual vet, not a technician, and he was a little less pushy. He told me it was mostly a cosmetic issue if I let it heal on its own. I told him I was confident that Gizmo's self esteem could handle it - I am sure my vet loves me! So I left with antibiotics and pain meds, and a high hope that I don't have to take Gizmo to Beverly Hills to see a plastic surgeon 6 months from now. :) 

This boy has caused me a lot of drama over the past 6 months! He is so worth it though - I mean, look at those bangs!!!

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