Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day...

 We had a sweet Valentine's Day this year! I took Madeline to school and spent my morning at the DMV and then at the doctor's office. Literally my whole morning just in those two places...I barely made it back to her party on time at 2. Crazy! 

Anyway, I brought her teacher's gifts and came to help at her party. I was the only mom there, and it was so nice to get to hear about how Madeline does at school. Apparently she is well behaved but a little bossy! hah 

Tearing up some pineapple!!! 

I started buying things here and there to give her on Valentine's day, and I really ended up with a lot more than intended to get her. Oh well. She had so much fun looking through her basket, and kept saying, "Oh, I love this!" about each little thing. She especially loved the "band-deds" and has been looking for a reason to use them.  

We got the pups each a toy too but they didn't last long...

Aren't they sweet???

Terry brought home flowers for me and I got him a little gift card and some candy. I know Valentine's Day is kind of dumb, but I still love it. I can't help myself. I also love getting flowers - I wish I was more practical about these things. It's just who I am! 

Then, in true holiday style, we got our own party started. Madeline helped me decorate before Terry got home. We baked cupcakes, and set the table. We ordered dinner, watched movies, and pretty much had the best night! 

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