Monday, February 3, 2014

Random Recappin...

We had such a fun weekend! We went to the zoo on Saturday because we thought it was supposed to be was FREEZING! The temperature kept dropping the whole way to Abilene, and we were so cold while we were there. It was still fun, and it was nothing a little Cracker Barrel couldn't cure!

This angry bird kept biting our feet. We gave him a little cotton candy for keeping us entertained!

Our sweet girl at the zoo...she had so much fun even though some of our favorite animals were "sleeping".

In other news, the contractor came by today to talk about flooring, etc and said they'll be starting next week. I decided I better get serious about getting the house ready. I organized my pantry over the summer, but it needed it again. So I took everything out this afternoon, cleaned, painted it, and put it all back. I want labels on the glass jars, and actually tried the chalk ones but I am not a fan. So I will just have to deal for now...
 In the Richardson household, if you're an ugly appliance you get banished to the pantry like said microwave. It used to be white, but over time it's become a nice yellowy color! haha I got it at my wedding shower about 11 years ago! It still works though, and we don't really use it that often so it's not a huge deal. Hopefully, our next place will have one over the stove or in the wall.

Speaking of appliances, I got a new blender. I decided I really need to get healthy so smoothies it is. The one I made this morning had blueberries, peaches, raspberries, peaches, kale, carrots, vanilla protein powder, and flax seed in it.  I think I put too much kale was drinkable but definitely tasted very "healthy". I love that I can blend directly into the cup, change the lid, and am good to go. It also makes clean up so easy! So far, one day into it, I am doing awesome! haha :)

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  1. Lookin' good!!! Will you come clean my pantry!! :)