Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Monday night we had a crazy ice storm. Pretty much everything shut down Tuesday which was kind of a nice break for us. I did just a little around the house and decided to take the garbage out. I stepped down off the deck, and slipped on our conrete/stone walkway. I went down hard...falling is so much more painful as an adult. I landed on my hand. Bonus - the garbage that I dropped on the way down is still in the yard...guess I get to do that tomorrow!

Anyway, I came in and took a shower and when I got out I noticed my right hand was pretty swollen. I also have a nice bruise on my leg. Terry said I was being dramatic and that I probably just sprained my wrist - turns out he was right but in my defense I wasn't really even complaining. I just told him I thought I need to have it looked at just to be sure. Men...that guy gets a little clear snot and he's down for the count! :) 

Anyway, it was bad timing because I had a mock job interview scheduled for today but they moved it to this afternoon so I could go to the doctor. They wrapped it and said if its not better in a week to come back. It feels a lot better wrapped for some reason. 

Here's the photographic evidence of my injury...taking the garbage out in an ice storm takes a true hero. Or dummy. Whatever.
 The picture below is from this morning before I went to the almost looked bigger to me. case you think I am a total weirdo for taking pictures...I was texting two of my nursing friends who were advising me on whether to go in or not. I am so thankful its not broken because ain't nobody got time for dat!

We did manage to be somewhat productive though. We took lots of selfies...and I read a survey that said it's totally inappropriate for people over 30 to say "Cray-cray". I'm cool and I know it. 

Today in between the doctor and my interview, I ran a few errands. I called Sams and begged them to make cupcakes for church tonight. I bought the stuff to do them myself, but didn't think I'd have enough time. Plus our house is torn up with the repairs - there was dust everywhere when I got home.

We also managed to make our Valentines' cards and get them in the mail. And we made these for our friends at church. And by we, I mean I tied the tags on them in the car on the way to church tonight. haha I'm a multi-tasker! :) 

It's been a fun week in all honesty. I love Valentine's day! I can't wait until Friday...we're gonna PAR-TAY! 

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  1. Your daughter is really adorable. I think it's cool of you to say cray-cray. Haha! Anyway, I'm sorry you sprained your wrist before a mock job interview. I hope everything turned out pretty well. Your wrist was pretty swollen. I guess you shouldn't take out garbage during an ice storm, after all. I hope you remind yourself that before doing it again. Take care! :)

    Lonnie Letellier @ U.S. HealthWorks