Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Saturday Madeline and I went to a bridal shower for a friend of mine from work. My friend Sasha, who was my preceptor in nursing school, threw the shower. It was so fun and relaxed! We stayed well past our welcome and had so much fun! I didn't really take any pictures until it was pretty much over because I just carried these two cuties around the whole time I was there!

 While I was getting baby fever, Madeline was getting puppy fever. She carried poor Bruno around until we left. She told me she was pretty sure he didn't want to live at Mrs. Sasha's house, but he wanted to come to our house instead. It was a good try...he is pretty cute.
 While Bruno is adorable, he's not really my type of dog. I was way more into Mac...aka the cutest bulldog ever! He was so stinking cute!!!
 It was so fun to get together with my friends from work and talk about girly things! But I definitely left with puppy and baby fever!!! A puppy is for sure out of the question, but the baby thing...we'll see. Maybe once we get to Florida!

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