Monday, September 15, 2014

This guy...

This guy had a birthday last week. He's totally faking his smile in this picture! 

I had big plans for a football birthday theme, but Madeline went shopping with me so it was all mismatched. My party ocd struggled with her choices, but gosh, she was so excited about picking everything out. I know that's what really matters. 

Madeline picked out some shorts for Terry, and we worked together on this letter. My favorite thing is what Daddy does for work...haha Unicorn = uniform. She gets them confused, and it always makes me laugh. I was pretty shocked at how close she was when I asked her how old he was. Impressive. 

Anyway, I tried to put a lot of thought into his gifts this year, and he hated them. haha So we returned them that night, and he got what he wanted instead. That's what 14 years together will do for ya! 

After we got home, he got a round of family birthday calls. I snapped this picture while he was talking to my Dad, and it's one of my all time favorite pictures. 

There he is...belly laugh, holding one of his birthday balloons, with a pup in his lap. This guy makes me happier than anything else on this earth, and I am so grateful for his life. 

Happy 33rd Birthday, Terry! 

I've never loved you more...

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