Monday, September 8, 2014

Pirates and Princesses

I saw on facebook that Disney Jr was coming to town, and decided we HAD to go! Terry really wasn't interested in going so I thought it would be fun to take Madeline and Lexi Friday afternoon. We went to the 2:30 show and it really wasn't crowded. We had great seats, and Madeline and Lexi were SO well behaved. I think they were in awe, and it was the cutest thing ever! 

The show started with Doc McStuffins...yall know how Madeline feels about the doctor. Doc is pretty much her hero! 

 Ring pops and Sprite because you need a little sugar when you're that cute!

 Minnie and Mickey came out next and Madeline may have freaked out. She was so pumped!

This was Madeline's face the majority of the show. She said, "I can't believe they're real, Momma." So sweet! She said it was the best day of her life. 
 During the Sophia show, Cinderella came out. Madeline and Lexi both were just shocked. It was adorable.
 Madeline's face when Cinderella came out.
 Then they blew bubbles everywhere...I mean it just kept getting better and better.
 My girl and me at intermission. Excuse my black eyes...I was a little tired! haha
 Sweet friends, and a $12 bag of popcorn in the background. These poor girls had to hold out for McDonald's after the show! I mean, $12 is a little ridiculous even for Disney.
 Jake and his crew were cute too! At the end, the treasure volcano erupted gold confetti everywhere. It was great!

 After the show we got happy meals, and headed to the park. Lexi was so good and ate all her food, but not my kid. She was too busy chasing those ground squirrels and birds with her french fries.

 Friday night, it was just Madeline and me while Terry hung out with his guy friends. We ordered a pizza, watched Frozen, and of course, dressed up! It was a pretty perfect day!


  1. I'm pretty impressed too! Those characters look awesome!! How fun to have a sweet friend!!