Thursday, September 4, 2014


Well, I haven't been blogging because honestly, it would just be depressing to read! But in the past couple of weeks we survived a scary night in Oklahoma, a nasty wasp sting, Madeline being sick with two rounds of antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, etc, Terry and I both losing our voices, a robbery, a small flood in the hallway at the apartment, a blown tire, and I think that's about it. It's just been one of those times where I've felt pretty kicked when I was already down. Although I think Terry enjoyed me not being able to talk so much! haha

But on the up side, I am starting to get stuff together after the robbery. I got my driver's license this morning, and all our banking stuff was cancelled before they ever could use it. I should have my phone back today or tomorrow, and hopefully next week I can get the rest of my identity back! The thing I just can't shake is that they were watching me, waiting for me, and then just came after my purse with me right freaking there. I'm a little paranoid now, and  I cannot wait to say goodbye to this apartment. I don't really feel safe in San Angelo anymore. Thank the Lord Madeline was at school. I know it could have been so much worse than it was.

Anyway, we got our official orders, I gave my notice at work, and we're really winding down our time here. Hoping to make some good memories the next month or two to end on a high note! My next blog post will be happy and hopefully with some new pics of my sweet girl and maybe even some progress on the new house!!! 


  1. I am so sad! and HATE that y'all have been through so much right here at the end!