Monday, September 15, 2014

The Plan...

Terry and I talked after I got robbed about Madeline and me going ahead and leaving San Angelo. If I am really honest, it shook me up pretty bad. Not that I was hurt or anything like that, but I've just never lived anywhere that I feel unsafe. I barely sleep, and don't sleep at all during the night. Granted, part of that is work, but part of it, is that I feel like if I fall asleep something bad will happen. 

We've been kinda thinking and praying about it, and were thinking about just all leaving together on November 1st. But there have been a few more crimes so close to our apartment, and then aside from all of that my Dad had a heart cath last week. We didn't really sweat it because he's pretty young and healthy, but they found 3 major blockages and one partial blockage. So he has to have open heart surgery - triple bypass.  I'll never love anyone like I love my Dad. He's always been my rock and one of my best friends. He's the Godliest person I know, and I was just heartbroken for him. After that news, I felt like it was just God kicking me out the door. I need to be there for him and for my mom too. We decided that I'll leave here in 3 weeks and hopefully I'll be there in time for his surgery. He'll find out Tuesday more about when, where, and what exactly he has to have done. I've applied for a transfer, and am just waiting on my background check before my Florida license will be issued. Hopefully, it will all work out. 

So we are really gearing up to move. I can't even believe it's here already. I feel like we've kinda taken one blow after another lately, but if I look at things on the bright side, I am going home! We'll be with our families on holidays, birthdays, and the every day ups and downs. I am leaving a group of girlfriends, and a church that is irreplaceable. But home really is where my heart is right now, and I could never really thank the Lord enough for His timing in all of this. So that's the plan...2 weeks and 6 days left before Madeline and I leave. We plan to make the most of our time left here, and leave with good memories!