Thursday, August 6, 2015


Gizmo turned 12 on August 1st! 

I will never forget the day Terry gave him to me - I was 19, newly married, and over 1,000 miles from home. I was ecstatic to get a puppy - I took him everywhere in my purse. He was so cute that people would forget I wasn't supposed to have a dog in public places! haha 

He was bad though...somehow we've made it 12 years later. Now he's almost blind, a little hard of hearing, and spends his days sleeping and running into things. haha My poor guy! He's still spunky though and loves to be loved on. He also still LOVES milkbones - I have never seen a dog more loyal to milkbones. If I forget to give him one, he'll lay in the pantry until I remember.

My favorite pictures of Gizzy over the last year...

Right after his birthday bath...he's also missing a front tooth now on the bottom. 

My sweet pup spends a lot of time playing dress up! He also looks totally different with a haircut! He may not be the best dog but he's given us SO many  laughs and so much love! 

Happy Birthday to my favorite boy! 

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