Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend Update

We had a good weekend! Friday we laid pretty low...I was feeling a lot better but not quite 100%.

Saturday we cleaned house - well, I cleaned inside and Terry worked outside. Terry really has done such a good job with the yard - he works as hard outside as I do inside. Then we loaded up went to lunch, the grocery store, and the car wash. Madeline helped Terry wash his car. 

We came home and made Jell-O Jigglers! Madeline is obsessed now - she thinks they're the coolest thing ever. They're minions. 

Saturday afternoon/night my best friend from high school and her family came over - y'all we go WAY back. I was her maid of honor, she was my matron of honor.  I am so thankful to be such good friends all these years later. We're the kind of friends that can go 6 months without talking and pick right back up. Now that we live close, we get to hang out a lot more. 

Her husband's birthday is today, so yesterday we HAD to get some party supplies. We grilled steaks and had cheesecake for dessert. We played lots of board games and laughed SO hard. It was the best night! 

I was trying to get my party hat in the was on top of my bun. #mybighead

We spent some good quality time as a family today. Terry and I played Jenga - I lost. Then he set up dominos for Madeline - she loved it. We played Candy Land and Minnie Mouse matching with Madeline. She may have tried to cheat once or twice. ;) 

Terry's dad and aunt came over this afternoon for dinner and swimming. Madeline decided she wanted to climb this tree. She would climb up about 3 feet and then jump out. Then she got a big scratch on her arm about the 5th time she did it and decided she was done. We tried to tell her barefoot in your bathing suit isn't exactly ideal for tree climbing! 

She's so proud of herself! 

Two of my favorite guys in the pool! 

FInally, Terry found this app where you can make yourself into any Disney character - it's hilarious. Of course, this is Madeline's favorite! 

It was a great weekend...looking forward to a great week! 

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