Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Vacay 2015

In October our friends asked us if we'd like to go to the mountains on vacation the week after Christmas. I made sure to warn them that we'd have a newborn but they have three kids and were all about it. So the day after Christmas we headed to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a week. We had SO much fun! 

These girls are so cute and have so much fun together...we stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way. Terry set up the Jelly Belly game for me and Amy to play in my car and he mixed in bean boozed jelly beans without telling us. I got vomit and it was the WORST! I could have killed him! 

We got to the cabin around 6pm and this little guy was mad!! He was so gassy and screamed for a good two hours! Good thing he's so cute! 

Sunday we went to Cade's Cove and walked around in the woods! It was so fun, and Ethan LOVED it. He loves being outside! Of course, Madeline was in heaven too! 

I think Terry was walking like an Egyptian...I'm not sure. haha

The pictures don't do it justice but gosh it is gorgeous there! 

The next day was Madeline's birthday and we got her a little surprise and some balloons. She was so cute about her birthday this year. She knew it was her special day and she must have told me and everyone else a thousand times! 

How has 5 years gone by so quickly? I could not love her more...

She requested pancakes for her birthday meal and hot dogs for dinner! haha So that's what we did...Gatlinburg is known for their pancake houses and the one we went to did not disappoint. It was amazing!!! 

That night we grilled hot dogs and sausage per her request...my girl is so high class! :) 

Her big gift was going to Dollywood while we were there. We went the next day since the weather was supposed to be nice, and every other person in the area had the same idea. It was seriously worse than Disney...it was nuts! 

Ethan snoozed his way through most of the day! 

He did wake up for a quick smile...and to eat of course! He gives the cutest smiles...he turns his head to the side and just grins from ear to ear. I love it! 

My girl and me :) 

Family photo...so hard to get a good one! haha

My lifelong friend and me! 

We got to see Rudolph's girlfriend and some other guy in the kids' Christmas area...Madeline loved it! 

Terry stopped at an airbrush stand and had them make him a t-shirt that said "This is the worst" with a sad face on it and people cracked up all over the park when they saw him. He wore it over his jacket! haha He's so crazy! 

Once it got dark and cold, people left in droves and we really started having fun. But prior to that, it really was miserable...the lines were so long even to get food or a drink. After dark though, the lines were virtually gone and we were riding rides and getting right back on them with no wait. I am so glad we stayed! 

The other perk of staying was the gorgeous lights. It was beautiful! 

We played some games too and Madeline caught this fish! 

On the way out, Terry made all my dreams come true and got us a funnel cake on the way out. So good!! 

The next day we went shopping and to the Island which is a bunch of shops and restaurants and it is gorgeous. There are fountains that shoot up to music and it is so pretty! 

 Sweet girls! 

This sweet boy woke up to give me a smile! 

The next day was Evie's birthday and New Year's Eve and we rested a lot of the day. We watched football and made good food. Both girls took a long nap and then we went to get cupcakes for Evie's birthday! 

This guy passed out way before midnight! :) 

New Year's Day we hit up the go carts and seriously it was the best thing ever! I think that was the most fun thing we did all week! 

We ate at a local pizza place for lunch and it was delicious! 

Then we headed to the knife store...aka my worst nightmare. Weapons everywhere...stuffed dead animals everywhere. Not my thing but we made the best of it! It was SO cold and little E looked so cute bundled up. I couldn't resist a selfie! 

These girls found the stuffed animals and posed! 

Again...couldn't resist! He's so cute! 

We made a big dinner that night and packed up while the guys took the kids for more go carts. We headed home first thing Saturday. We had SO much fun, but I was so glad to be home! 

This little cutie made it his mission to NOT sleep at night! :) 

It was a perfect end to the year!!! 

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  1. Terry cracks me up with his tshirt!! Looks like a blast!! And Madeline in that picture by the fountain with that fur vest!! SO CUTE!!!

    Happy Birthday to Madeline!!