Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogging for Madeline

I meant to start blogging about 4 months ago when this sweet girl was born....however, time got away and I am just now getting started! I wanted a place where I could record her milestones and the things we are doing as a family.

I am going to attempt to play catch up while keeping up with things going on in our lives now...we'll see how it goes! For now I am just going to recap the weekend!

Terry got off work early Friday and took us girls to lunch! Then we had dinner and a little Wii party at our friends, Stephanie and Adam's house. The Wii party went on until after midnight and Terry lost $5 to their 9 year old Jaylei! He wrote her a check and she loved it!

Saturday, Madeline had our very first mother/daughter outing! We had a Mother's Day brunch with all the ladies at church! It was so nice! She slept through half of it so I didn't get a great picture but she looked super cute!

Saturday afternoon we went shopping with the girls followed by going to get snowcones and going to the park. We got the BEST snowcones! I got strawberry colada and shared some with Madeline. She loved it! She would cry when I pulled the spoon away to get more for her! Giving her a snowcone at 4 months old probably will not win any awards for me but she enjoyed it so much! Saturday night we were back at Adam and Stephanie's with a few others grilling, talking, and playing more Wii!

Sunday morning was church and Madeline looked SO cute! She had this outfit since before she was born and I was afraid she wouldn't get to wear it because it is so hot here but Sunday we woke up to cold weather so she was decked out for church! I left her in the nursery for the first time by herself Sunday for half of the service! I feel like I got a lot more out of the sermon without her there to distract me. Sunday night we headed back to church then came home ate dinner and went to bed. Late Sunday night we got the great news that Osama Bin Laden was killed. I hope that means peace for our country in the near future.

In other Madeline news, yesterday she figured out how to squeal and got so loud during church last night that I had to take her to the nursery! She is also rolling around like crazy and this morning managed to tangle herself in the laptop cord!

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