Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Weekend

This is a catch up post all about Easter weekend. Sadly, I can't remember what we did on Good Friday. On Saturday we took Madeline to the park for the first time with our pastor and his family and our friends Chrys, Thadd, and their 3 boys. The park is really cute. Its called Kid's Kingdom and all the play equipment is very castle-like! Saturday night, Terry and I busted into Madeline's Easter basket so we could watch Tangled! It is such a cute movie! We liked it so much we watched it twice Easter weekend. On Sunday we went to church, and after church there was an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. Madeline slept right through it! Sunday afternoon we went to Chrys and Thadd's house. Our pastor and his family were there too. It was nice to be able to spend the holiday with friends since our families are so far away. We rode 4-wheelers and cooked out. It was such a nice day!!!

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  1. Oh, Melissa - she couldn't be any more beautiful! I enjoy reading your posts. My favorite part of this last post was "Sadly, I can't remember what we did on Good Friday." LOVE, love, love it! It's me! Please remember Bubba in your prayers.