Monday, May 16, 2011

Monumental Happenings

Last week was a week of firsts for Madeline. Maybe the title monumental happenings is a bit of a stretch, but when you become a mom, every little thing seems monumental! It is going to seem like all I do is give my baby sweets, to which I say life is short and I only give her just a taste! It has been no secret that she was going to be spoiled rotten anyway!

Madeline sat up for just a few seconds last week without us holding her up, but it wasn't long enough to even take a picture so I am not sure if that even counts!

However, GET READY FOR THIS! Madeline started sleeping in her own bed as of Tuesday, May 11! She was tossing and turning in my bed for the third night in a row and when she woke me up for the 5th time that night, I became very unemotional about putting her in her own bed. I put her in her bed at 4:15 and she finally fell asleep for good around 5:30 and slept until 11:30 that morning! The next night (or I guess technically later that same day) I laid her down around 9:30 and she was out in less than 5 minutes. I think part of me kind of wanted her to fight it just a little but this girl is independent! She seems so big to me sometimes but she seems so little in her crib. She seems to love her bed but she is still waking up 2-3 times a night. I am sleeping across the hall in the guest room except for the first night when I slept on her floor (because I am crazy like that). Hopefully, one day I can post about her sleeping through the night! hah

Last Monday, Madeline went to her first tee ball game!!! Our friends sweet little boy Aedan plays and his dad coaches. If you ever need a good laugh, go to a tee ball game! These kids were so funny!!! It was hot so we got popsicles and I gave Madeline a little taste! She loved it!

Friday night we went over to our friends, Adam and Stephanie's house to celebrate Adam's college graduation!! It was here that Madeline had her first taste of was a huge hit! She would grab my hand with both of her hands and pull my the spoon into her mouth. She was even shaking her head from side to side with excitement! It was so funny!!!

Saturday night we went out to eat on a whim. We had Madeline in the big car seat, but I figured since I end up holding most of the time when we eat out anyway, not having the carrier car seat shouldn't stop us. The hostess asked if we'd like a high chair, and I said yes thinking it wouldn't hurt to try. Well, Madeline loved it! She sat in it almost the whole time we were in the restaurant. She ate a little bit of mashed potatoes for the first time. She also got to try a lime for the first time and had her first brownie Sundae! She had chocolate sauce, ice cream, and whipped cream everywhere! It was all over her, me, the table, and I even found some in the diaper bag!

It was a pretty big week in the Richardson household!

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