Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby-sitter of the Year

A few weekends ago I needed to run some major errands and needed a little help from my friend Stephanie. They were errands of a Terry-is-turning-30-on-Saturday kind of nature so he couldn't come. We also didn't want to take all the children so Terry offered to baby-sit Ayden and Jaylei and we took Brynn and Madeline with us. Terry took them on an Easter egg hunt (yes in August), let them dress up in his Iraq gear, and played Clue with them.

Finally, what kind of babysitter would he be if he didn't feed them? So this is what he fed them....

If you have never had a MRE, consider yourself lucky. They are gross! The garbage went out as soon as I got home just from the pure smell of them. Jaylei LOVED them, and Ayden was just so-so about them. I was really proud of Terry...everyone was alive when we got home! :)

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