Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I do not consider myself a drinker or partier by any means but I do LOVE a glass of wine occassionally. I love wineries and vineyards and visiting Napa Valley is on my top 5 places I would love to travel. There is an Air Force base just north of Napa Valley where we could potentially get stationed when we leave here. Mind you, Terry's job isn't just at any base. So I thought this conversation was funny and had to write it down -- it makes me sound a little like a lush but I promise that's not the case!

Terry: Would you want to go back to Ft Meade (the base where we were before TX) when we leave here? SSgt so-and-so requested it and got it no problem.

Me: I was kind of hoping to go to Beale (the base in California)

Terry: Really? Why?

Me: It's so close to Napa Valley and I am dying to go there.

Terry: So you would move to liberal California literally across the country from family to be close to Napa Valley?

Me: Yes

But before you judge me harshly...check this out! You will want to visit us! :)

Side note we aren't going anywhere for at least 3 years but we like to talk about things that we can't control, dont matter at the time, and give us things to unncessarily worry about!

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