Friday, September 16, 2011


The weather here is getting a tiny bit cooler and in the mornings has even been a little cold. Okay, not Maryland or Virginia cold, but anything below 90 feels cold here. Well, Madeline has nothing for cold or even cooler weather. I decided I better go shopping and get her a few things for cooler weather. I really hate shopping for her :) but I drug myself out of the house tonight and went anyway! I went to the baby section in The Children's Place and the nice sales lady looked at Madeline and said, "oh you may need to shop in the purple section. That's where the 12 months and up clothing is!" I almost had a melt down in the store. I can't believe  she is out of the newborn stuff and off to infant/toddler clothing. Tonight I just want to get her out of her crib, squeeze her tight, and stop time for a while.

Side note, my depression was made a little better by finding some super cute Halloween shirts for her!  

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