Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Official!!!!

I am in the nursing program!!!!!!!!

I started this journey three years ago. It took me a little longer than most to really find what I was passionate about. I went back to school and found out 9 months into that I was pregnant with Madeline and then we moved. I remember driving by ASU after we moved here thinking finishing was pretty much a fantasy and would be impossible for so many reasons. Well, I prayed last summer when I applied to ASU that God would open every door or shut them in my face. I like to say that I am strong willed but the correct word is incredibly stubborn and on occasion straight up obnoxious if it is something that I really want. I knew God needed to be in control of such a huge decision. 

It started with a math test that I needed to take since I didn't have all of my math credits completed. I suck at math. Its just the cold, hard truth. I am smart-ish but math is my very worst subject and thinking that I had to take a standardized algebra test pretty much made me feel like maybe God was already shutting the door. But I passed and the classes I needed to take in the fall weren't full yet.  

I took a pretty hard blow when I went for my advising appointment last fall and my advisor told me they had cancelled the program I was trying to complete. I was just going for the AASN (Basically an associate's degree - in between a LVN and a Bachelor's degree) I chose that plan because it required less science and I am on a time limit since we'll be moving in 2014. I was devastated thay they cancelled it. I had to add 4 extra classes to do the Bachelor's program - 2 science, one math, and a govt class and I only had spring and summer terms to complete them on top of the other 4 I still needed. But I got approval to take Chemistry through a different school, and just piled on the classes. And I am actually doing ok in all of them. Another open door. 

Then, came the TEAS V test. Of all the things the program looks at on the test, reading is the most important category. My very best... I scored in the 99th percentile. Another open door.

 The last thing in our way was finances. Long before Madeline we both wanted and got nice cars with nice monthly payments! Well, on our taxes this year we had about $500 over what we needed to pay off our truck. Coincidence? Definitely not. Open door. 

Then yesterday afternoon, I got my letter of acceptance. I squealed and then I cried. I never would've thought in high school that I would be here 10 years later. But as dumb as it sounds, I am so thankful I found what I really want to do and I have been given the opportunity to do it. It has also been SO hard working, taking care of Madeline, and going to school. But I am starting to see it all pay off. I am excited! Terry is excited. Madeline was excited too...I don't think she knew why but one day she will! 

Cheers to dreams coming true! Happy Friday! 

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. 
Psalm 32:8

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  1. WAHOOO!!! Congratulations!! Your dedication and determination is awesome!! I need some!!