Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Since I am on Spring Break this week, Terry and I are trying to tackle some projects around the house. The office is the last room in the house we haven't done anything to since we moved in. I have hated that room since we moved in. It just seemed so junky and ugly. If I were a good blogger, I would have taken before pictures but I think most of you who read have seen the office in all its ugliness anyway. Well, we turned it into a playroom/office. We moved the computer and printer into the closet - -I know that sounds weird and the picture isn't that great but it's actually a nice little space and it keeps certain 14 month olds from climbing all over the computer desk and tearing everything up. We painted the walls and ripped up the carpet. Terry laid a new floor and it looks so much better!

From the doorway 

Side wall

Across from the futon

The closet with the looks tinier in the picture but it's actually not quite so panic-roomish in real life. 

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