Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter S...

Sunshine....I LOVE THE SUN. I am sure I will pay for it later but I love laying out in the sun and just being outside. We have had gorgeous weather this year so far. It's not even 100 degrees yet!

Spring...As I type I can hear birds chirping and the sun is on my face. My grass is green and the breeze is cool and light. I am so thankful for the rain and cooler temperatures this Spring. It's making San Angelo grow on me...a little.

School...I have 5 weeks of school left and I could not be more excited. I always get burned out at this point in the semester. I am ready to be done. Also speaking of schools, we are looking at another potential daycare for Madeline. It has a Christian based curriculum and I really love the idea of sending her somewhere like that. We are going to check it out tomorrow.

Sleepover...Madeline had her first sleepover Friday night. She spent the night with Jaylei and Brynn while Terry and I went to a Bed and Breakfast. It was so nice to be able to get away knowing that Madeline would be taken care of and loved. I got her a little suitcase for the occasion.

I would've packed her room if I could have fit in her suitcase...

Look how cute they are...

Scams...One of the reasons Terry and I decided to go away is because we got a call from King's Point Cove in Brownwood that if we came and listened to their sales pitch to buy a piece of property then we would get all of these free gifts.  Well, it was totally worth it. After an hour and a half tour around a beautiful golf course with a guy that Terry and I both thought was super cool, we got a Taylor Made driver, a $25 gift card, 2 free rounds of golf, a vacation for two nights and three days of our choice (kinda), and free lunch. I actually had fun listening to the sales pitch and touring the property. If we had any ties to the area we might have considered buying. Stephanie and Adam got the same call and met us up there with their kids and Madeline. Terry and Adam got to play a round of golf and Stephanie and I got to go shopping in Abilene so it wasn't a bad deal. It was so much fun!

Star of Texas Bed and where Terry and I stayed Friday night. I loved it! It was way back in the woods.  For Brownwood to be not too far away from San Angelo, it is much greener and prettier than San Angelo. The B&B was so quiet and they had a nature trail. The nature trail had all kinds of animals on it, including donkeys that you can pet. Right up my alley! Our room had a balcony and an awesome jacuzzi. We wanted to try a local restaurant but the people who own the B&B only recommended two and one we couldn't find and the other had about a million people waiting to get in. We went into this place called Underwood's but when I saw the food we left. So we ended up getting a pizza and taking it back to our room. There really isn't much to choose from in Brownwood.

This cat lead us the whole time we were on the nature trail. I am not really a cat person but this cat was pretty cool! 

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