Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sucker is one of those words that has more than one meaning. Well, in this house we are full of suckers...

I bought too many suckers at Valentine's Day and this cutie has been reaping the benefits...

I also am terrible about leaving the pantry door open. Our garbage can stays in there...sounds so gross as I write it but there isn't anywhere else to put it except the garage, and while I love mice, I don't want to encourage them to live here. I digress...the dogs' food and water also stays in there so it's just easier to leave it open. Well, Madeline is smart enough now to know that's where the food is and this happens about once a week.

That would be a brand new bag of BBQ chips that she and the dogs are enjoying. She likes to grab whatever she can reach, dump it out, and eat it off the floor. I happen to think it is kinda cute so I just go with it and take pictures. Sucker. (or bad mom, could go either way)

Finally, the BIGGEST sucker in this house by far is Terry. About a month ago, he went to Academy with a friend. Well, PetSmart is in the same shopping center and on this particular snowy day they were having dog adoptions. It was a last chance type of thing where if they didn't get adopted, they were going to be euthanized. Let me introduce our newest family member, Zoe. 

Her haircut is a little scary looking but she is SO sweet. She was so bony when we got her. It was really sad but she has packed on some weight and is now just as crazy as the other three dogs. That's right we have FOUR dogs now. Total suckers! 

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