Thursday, March 15, 2012

Overhaulin' Part 2

A couple of weekends ago Terry and I decided to rip up the carpet in our bedroom and replace it with wood floors. Well, it turns out hard wood flooring is ridiculously expensive and since we know for a fact that this won't be our permanent home, we decided to go with something cheaper. So we got these floating floors and they actually look really good. I have to brag for just a second too because Terry did a phenomenal job installing them which saved even more money. Gotta love a handy husband! 

I dont have a before of our bedroom but here it is now...It looks so much better!

Here is our living room before...btw I took this to post on how messy my house gets if I don't clean every day. I mean it is really ridiculous how fast it gets disgusting...

The living room looks so different to me!

I have to say, though, of all my projects, the one below was by far the worst. Have you seen hoarders? Well, my closet could have had its own episode. I'm not kidding...ok maybe not quite that bad. I didn't find any skeletons of animals or food or anything like that but it definitely needed to be cleaned out. So five bags for goodwill and 2 bags of trash later, here is the finished product. Its actually a pretty big closet -bigger than it looks in this picture --  just in case you were wondering how in the heck I got rid of so much stuff and still have so much in there! 

I know what you're thinking..."How could she do that after working and school?" Before you get too impressed (haha), I will show you this. 

That would be my daughter the night we redid the office. And that would be a piece of cheese, a banana, some broccoli, and a little debbie snack cake. Yeah that's right a Spring time butterfly snack cake with dinner. Because we are awesome like that! :) 

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