Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Easter is one of my favorite holidays if not my favorite. I think its tied with Thanksgiving. Anyway, we had a good Easter this year. Madeline got a little basket with a few things in it, ate some hot pink chocolate chip muffins, and off we went to church. I love church on Easter. There was such a sweet spirit in the service. Right after church they divided the kids by age group to hunt eggs. Madeline won a prize egg in her age group and got a cute bunny and some bubbles. Although, I am pretty sure the candy far surpassed anything else she got! She called the Easter eggs "ball" and chased after them. I think they are her favorite balls since they were filled with candy! After church we went to lunch with some other families in our church and came home and napped. It was such a great day! 

It's crazy to me what a difference a year makes! Madeline slept through the egg hunt last year! 


  1. I love reading your blog because your little family is so stinkin' cute!! Would love to do a bible study with you this summer. You should get it going!! :) And would love to do the running with you. But, I've done this before is compete, and then didn't do it. I hate that!! :)

  2. :) I am serious about the Bible study so think about what night would be good for you! And serious about running too if you want to do it!