Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter M...

Marriage... Terry and I are doing this Bible study with a few other couples called Sacred Marriage. Last night was the first meeting and it was SO good. I am not a big fan of what the book has to say because I know it is right on with God's intention for marriage. I was hoping to hear that Terry should be Prince Charming and we should just live happily ever after. :) One of the lines in the first chapter says, "what if God intended marriage to make us holy rather than happy? " Ouch.  I think it is going to be so good for me. Well, us really, but the book really focuses on what your responsibility is in your marriage which I really like. Anyway, so far, SO good.

Martha Stewart... Since we hosted the first meeting, I was responsible for the food. I was feeling very Martha Stewarty so I made a tie-dye pound cake, buffalo chicken dip, and nachos. I also made a taco ring for dinner. It was SO good.

The cake was SUPER easy. I used Paula Deen's sour cream pound cake recipe. Then I just separated the batter into three bowls, colored it with neon food coloring, and then layered it in  a bundt pan. I thought it turned out so cute but I served it cut because it didn't look that cute as a whole cake. 

I also made buffalo chicken dip. Super easy, super delicious. Two boiled chicken breasts (you can also use a rotisserie chicken but I am on a budget these days or you can use canned chicken), two packs of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of ranch (or bleu cheese but I am not a big fan so I use ranch), Frank's hot sauce to taste, and top with mozzarella cheese. Bake for 30 minutes and you have a delicious appetizer. I serve it with tortilla chips. 

Taco ring is also super easy and so good. Just fill the crescent rolls with taco meat, beans, and cheese. Bake for 15-20 minutes and top with your favorite taco toppings! growing so fast. She almost looks too big for her crib. I took this picture of her yesterday morning and I really just can't believe how big she has gotten. She is tall for her age but she seems to be growing too fast! 

Motorized Vehicle...We decided to get Madeline an Easter present as opposed to an Easter basket with a bunch of junk in it. After I priced the basket I wanted plus the stuff to fill it, we decided for this year this would be better since she doesn't really understand anyway. So we got her the Tangled quad. She likes it but I think Terry and I like watching her crash drive more than she like driving it. It has been so fun to watch. Her driving skills are getting better but she's still pretty reckless. 

Mental Head Case...that would be yours truly. I drove myself nuts yesterday doing math homework, cleaning, cooking, and studying for a government test that was due by 11pm. I checked at 4pm to be sure I had until 11 to take the test and it wasn't there because it is due NEXT Friday. I am losing my mind. Seriously. May 7th can't get here fast enough!

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