Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th...again

I feel like we just had a Friday the 13th but here it is again! I have about 6 million and thirteen things on my mind but here are just 13...

13. I have SO much to do today...and I am blogging. :) SO typical!

12. Do you know any Type A people? I am pretty sure I am type Z. I think it is actually Type B but you get the point. I really try sometimes to be Type A but then I get distracted and it all goes out the window!

11. We used those needles that are used to prick fingers for blood in Physiology lab last night and my lab partner thought it would be fun to prick me during my professor's lecture. I am pretty certain I snorted from laughing so hard. Why, at 28, is it still fun to cut up in class? Also, at what age are you supposed to feel mature? Still waiting.

10. Madeline is for real talking. I asked her yesterday, "where's my baby?" And she responded, "My baby?" Seriously. Stop. Although I really do love hearing her talk.

9. I have been attempting to run at night and my right thigh has been twitching for 2 days. Not cool. Not painful, just annoying.

8. I love, love, love a baby in pajamas.

7. I also LOVE jean shorts and tennis shoes. 

6.  I wish I had Madeline's eyelashes. 

5. I have a problem with bejeweled. I blame it on school. Nothing makes you want to play mindless online games more than logging into your classes to do homework. Not my fault. I blame the system. 

You can see it on the laptop screen if you look close. PS How stinkin cute is my boy, Gizmo?

4. ALL of the people who got here just before Terry are deployed or have gotten orders. My stomach turns just thinking about it. It sucked the last time but it is going to break my heart for him this time. We are really praying that he goes to Turkey NOT Afghanistan. 

3. I worry about #4 a lot more than I let on. 

2. I have a job interview today. I hope it's not bad luck to interview for a job on Friday the 13th. 

1. I am SO glad it's Friday!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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