Thursday, August 15, 2013


I spent last weekend in northwest Arkansas with Project Humanity for a staff retreat. I was so impressed with the bathrooms in the airport in Arkansas. The toilet had this automatic cover thing. You just push the green button and your booty is protected! haha 

Our meeting didn't start until Friday night so I got to spend some time with my best friend, Haley while I was there. I stayed with her in Siloam Springs - which is one of the best small towns in America according to Smithsonian Magazine! :) It really is beautiful there and there's good shopping too! 

Friday Haley took me to the Crystal Bridges art museum. Oh. My. Gosh. Clearly, I am not a really sophisticated person but I loved it. It was beautiful inside and out - there's a walking trail but we didn't do it since I was dressed for the meeting already and it was hot. But anyway, it was so neat. While I don't think I appreciate art the way some people do, I could definitely see how people really get into it. 
Outside the museum

This is kind of a terrible picture but the museum is about 3-4 "crystal" walkways that all connect. It was so cool!

This guy was one of the exhibits - How REAL does he look? I think its pretty amazing! Right down to the wrinkles and scruffy facial hair!

This guy looked more real in person. I am dumbfounded by the talent that God gives people. There were a ton of paintings and stuff too but these just really impressed me. There was also a neat George Washington exhibit but photography was forbidden.

After we went to Crystal Bridges and Target, we got a cupcake at Bliss Cupcakes. I had read about Bliss on another blog but honestly I was a little disappointed. This isn't the best picture of either of us, but its the only one we took! 

As far as the staff retreat, it was pretty good. PH just got a $25,000 grant from Chase so we talked about how the money will be used. We also discussed how to help a school on Mfangano which I will post more about later. It's pretty incredible how far just a little bit of money goes over there. 

I had so much fun in Arkansas - it was a short trip but  good! One last thing I have to mention...we've flown out of San Angelo several times now. NOT ONCE has our flight been on time  or at the correct gate in Dallas. I got the the airport Sunday at 7:25 just to learn my flight had been delayed until 9:35 and I would miss my connection in Dallas. Thank the Lord for the USO lounge. I spent a good part of my Sunday in it. Just had to throw that in there - American Eagle Airlines - get it together! :)

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