Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Twenty Dollar Tuesday

Yesterday was one of those find $20 in your old purse kind of days! It was just a good day! 

Madeline and I went to the nature center after we ran some errands. 

This picture is mainly for my sister who loves roaches! :) But look at his face - it's like he's sad that he's a roach. Permanent frowny face.  I'd probably be depressed too.

This is Luke Skywalker - we got to pet him yesterday. Madeline loved him!

My favorite animal there. I can't get over the crazy hair!

My sweet baby and me!

This girl has the time of her life every time we go. I hope she's always this easy to please! 

We had such a good day. I'm trying to squeeze in every single last minute household project with everything fun over the next week and a half. School starts in 10 days!!!

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