Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This and That

We went to see Planes in 3D today. It was really cute. I was surprised. I had really low expectations after the last Cars movie, but this was so good! Madeline was fascinated by the 3D aspect for about 89 seconds. It was fun anyway! 

 I bought this book at Sam's to do with Madeline. I really want to work on reading readiness and writing with her. We started today and she loves doing "school". I hope to be able to do it a few times a week with her. I'm not very good at looking up things to do and executing them so a workbook works for us. 

This was the scene from last night - nail polish overload. Madeline HAS to paint her fingers and toes any time she finds nail polish. I have no idea where she got the polish last night or even when she did this. She just came to me and told me to look at her pretty toes! She is a conundrum. She has started insisting that she wear "a pretty dress" every day but she is about the dirtiest kid I know. She hates wearing shoes and her feet are ALWAYS dirty. Hopefully that will make her a well rounded adult! :)

Finally, confession time. I really struggle with reading God's Word like I should. I downloaded Glo Bible on my phone and it seems to have made reading my Bible much easier. You can highlight and make notes too. You can also choose the version you read which I really like. Anyway, it's the best app on my phone so I thought I'd share.

Happy Mid-Week! School starts in 5 days. As much as I am dreading it, I am just as ready to get it going and over with. 8 months and 18 days or 261 days until I graduate!!!!

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