Monday, August 12, 2013

Crappy Summer

If you don't love animals, don't read this post.

Thursday was a little crazy. I had to leave to go to a staff meeting in Arkansas for Project Humanity that night so I spent a good part of the day making sure things were in order for me to go. I also had to finish a project for my class -  Thursday was the last day and naturally I procrastinated so I had to get it done. Anyway, all that to say around 2pm I thought I'd fill Madeline's pool so maybe we could spend some fun time before I had to go to the airport. I hadn't packed yet but was waiting on one last load of laundry and I knew it wouldn't take long to pack since it was just a weekend trip. Anyway, I went out side to fill the pool but forgot one of the plugs so I came back inside to get it. Madeline showed me her arm and told me Gizmo had bubbles and he got them on her arm. It was obvious from the saliva on her arm that he must have been foaming at the mouth so I asked her to tell me where he was. 

If you aren't sure of my affection for this dog, please see my earlier birthday post. And let me tell you his birthday parties now are nothing compared to what they once were. This dog is my boy, my first baby, and a good piece of my heart. To say I adore him is a vast understatement.

Anyway, Madeline pointed to my bathroom where I found my sweet boy unconscious with foam all over his mouth. I picked him up and brought him into the kitchen. He was not breathing, blinking, and had no heartbeat. I was hysterical. I happened to think that maybe Madeline fed him something so I opened his mouth and discovered he'd apparently choked to death on a piece of apple. I was convinced he was dead as I had no clue how long he'd been without oxygen. I got the apple out after 6 or 7 tries and he still did nothing. I assumed he was gone but decided to try CPR on him anyway. I wasn't exactly sure how to do it on a dog but I just based it off his anatomy and gave it my best shot. After what felt like an hour, he still did nothing. It was maybe 30 seconds to a minute in real time. After probably 100 chest compressions I got him to gag. I had a tiny bit of hope at that point but he still wouldn't breathe. So I kept going I think more out of my own hysteria than the thought that he would actually survive. I was praying out loud that he would make it - may seem silly to the average person but we've had our share of heartache this summer. I couldn't bear the thought of telling Terry that Gizmo had died. Well, after about another 30 seconds to a minute, he started to breathe really shallow but he was breathing. I took him to the vet and by the time we got there, he had perked up a little. Before we left he was wagging his tail, and they said he'd be just fine. They said I saved his life. I'm not going to lie, I was kinda proud and I think Terry was too. ( I called him at work and told him what was going on so he just met us there) 
All of that to tell you, after we got home and the hysteria had died down, I had a vivid memory of telling my friend earlier that day that I was so sick of having three dogs. Gizmo had just eaten poop and I had to clean him up. So there you go. I gave CPR to my dog who hours earlier had eaten dookie. I doubt it would've changed anything had I remembered but still. Gross. Thankfully, I don't have botulism, e.coli, or any other horrific disease. We're both alive and well! 
Happy Monday! 

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