Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Post You Haven't Been Waiting For...

I finally chose bedding for Madeline's room. I really liked this pink set at Pottery Barn but it was expensive and it was light pink. I just knew it would be just a short matter of time before Madeline ruined it. Maybe in our next house...I really want to a pink and gray bedroom. Anyway, for now I do like the colors in her room but I really didn't want it to look too busy in there. So I ordered a set on Amazon and I like it. I think. It takes me a while to decide things like this - you know life-changing matters! :) I took out her rug to de-busify the room!

I also rearranged her room. Again. It just looked so crowded after we put the big bed in there. It still is because the room is small but I like it much better this way. Overall, I'm pretty pleased and her bedding was a fraction of the cost for the one at PB. Still I do love me some PB. 
 Notice the missing blinds? I took them down to clean them and accidentally melted them in the bathtub. Not like totally melted but they were deformed after I cleaned them so I have to get new ones! Pretty sure these are problems unique to me.
 And, yes, that's a TV in her room. That was a little present from Daddy while I was in Africa. She almost never watches TV in there though. Sometimes I really wish she would! haha


  1. Cute! I think Lexi's may be pink and gray. :)

  2. It turned out really cute!! I think everything fits perfectly!! Is it a full size?