Monday, August 10, 2015

Are We There Yet?

I hate to be the one to complain about summer but I'm totally going to do it. I am ready for fall, football, and cooler weather. 

We've been up to a little of this and that lately. 

Madeline saw this in the grocery store and HAD to get it for Terry! She loves "Star Horse" she told me. haha

She got a haircut and got her hair washed for the first time at the salon. I think she liked it. ;) 

This is the best after picture I looks so much lighter since we got it cut! 

We went for a ride with the windows rolled down on the way home from Papaws! We spent all day Sunday with him and made some delicious fried shrimp and catfish. 

I had a flashback to 1992 when I saw this in the store! 

We've been staying inside or in the pool. It is SO HOT! Madeline keeps me entertained - no need for TV around here! 

We also picked up subs one night from our favorite sandwich shop and got frozen yogurt next door! 

Today we got school supplies and are ready for Pre-K next week...How did this happen already?!? 


  1. Terry, better get his shot gun!! That girl is so pretty!! Long legs and her hair is so cute like that!!!

    Her yogurt looks like my kids yogurt!! Ha!

  2. I'm SOOOO ready for fall too!!!