Thursday, August 6, 2015

Weekend Update...

Picture overload...

We had a really fun weekend...Madeline and I got to spend some quality time together! 
Friday night Terry suggested that I take her to see Disney Live in Pensacola. It was something about fairy tales and it featured Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle. It was really good! 

We are the WORST selfie takers ever! #somebodysendmeaselfiestick

I told Madeline she could have ONE toy within a reasonable price range - well, nothing was really reasonable but we settled on this Belle doll. It was a good lesson for her - she wanted everything that came by - popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones - you name it, they had it trying to sell it during the show. I tried to teach her a lesson about gratitude and contentment - not sure how much sunk in. 

My pictures are pretty terrible because it was dark and I took them with my phone. 

Snow White was first...

 Then Cinderella... 

The best for last...Belle! 

Then Mickey and Minnie and everybody at the really was SO good! 

Saturday we cleaned house, did some yard work and pool work. Our pool was a hot mess because it has been storming almost every single day! Stormy weather makes for a messy pool. We rescued about 1.6 million tadpoles from our pool...we let them go in the little pond at the end of our street. We had 3 cups full of the tiny guys...

Then, Terry found this guy while he was mowing. AHHHH SO CUTE! He was tiny! 

Madeline fell in love - she wanted to keep him but I am not up for all that. Plus I know he'll get a lot bigger and probably would die in captivity. 

Gizmo didn't love the turtle! 

Saturday night we went to dinner with some friends...Terry got the rib dinner for two for HIMSELF! 

Sunday Madeline and I headed to a birthday party for my friend's son Jace. He turned 5 and had the cutest party - it was so fun! 

Fudpuckers is a local place here that has an arcade, alligators, and just a fun place to be! The food is pretty good too! 

It was a minion party! 

Checking out the gators - Madeline got to pet one, but they don't let you take pictures. I could have gotten one for the bargain price of $21.99 but I passed. :) 

She got 20 tokens to play with in the arcade and she it the jackpot on this game. She was so pumped! She got enough tickets to get some pom poms! 

After the party we hit up Target and the grocery store - then we came home and food prepped for the week and got ready for Gizmo's party! 

I got my smoothie stuff ready to go and in the freezer and my lunches made for the week as well as her sandwiches. I am working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays right now and three 12 hour shifts in a row with a long commute is rough. It's much easier when I am prepared...and I am trying to eat better, hence the not so appetizing lunch! haha

Then it was party time!!! 

Where are the plus size pirate patches? #mybighead And why does Madeline look 18 in this picture? 

Madeline made the cupcakes...I thought she did a pretty good job! 

My favorite people...and animal. 

I mean what is not to love about a pirate pup? 

 It was a good weekend...SO fun! We love a party! 


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend!! Love all your little adventures!! And the pirate party looked awesome!! Jaxon is having a pirate party this weekend, with the same hats!! ha!! :)

  2. Love it all! Madeline looks all grown up! Better go ahead and order that outside car :)

  3. Love it all! Madeline looks all grown up! Better go ahead and order that outside car :)